Carbon Balance Launches Shopify App & Consumer Impact Store

SINGAPORE – September 13, 2023 – Emerging climate technology provider Carbon Balance (Carbon Balance Pte. Ltd.) announced the beta launch of their Carbon Estimator in the Shopify app store. The company has also launched their Climate Impact store to connect consumers to climate-positive projects, primarily in the ASEAN region. The suite of solutions further enhances the company’s suite of solutions focused on helping businesses and consumers mitigate the impact of personal carbon load.

Carbon Estimator for Shopify

“The launch of a Shopify app significantly expands the number of merchants Carbon Balance can serve globally,” said Carbon Balance Co-Founder & CEO Homam Alghorani. “We are dedicated to developing solutions that positively change the planet while supporting business growth, providing transparency and measurement to consumers and other stakeholders. The app allows merchants to choose to mitigate the carbon load of shipping and production of all items sold in their catalogue for a competitive advantage in the marketplace and clearly assert support of the environment as a core brand value.”

Homam Alghorani
Homam Alghorani Co-founder and CEO of Carbon Balance

Shopify and WooCommerce merchants can download the app for free in their respective app stores and enable the solution in less than ten minutes. Initially, merchants will be provided complementary carbon offset credits to allow them to trial the solution at no cost for the first thirty days.

Consumer Impact Store. 

“We are encouraged by the direct consumer interest in our solutions to create a healthier planet. As a result, we developed to enable consumers to fund a selection of carefully selected projects that highly impact their local communities and the environment,” said Co-Founder & COO, Vikash Bengani. “Every purchase will receive a personalized certificate of impact, which makes a great gift or a certification of personal contribution. Additionally, consumers are encouraged to participate in a quiz to encourage them to think about how their daily actions directly impact the planet,” he said.

Vikash Bengani
Vikash Bengani Co-founder and COO of Carbon Balance

About Carbon Balance

Carbon Balance is an early-stage start-up venture headquartered in Singapore that has a mission to leverage technology to achieve a harmonious balance between business growth and sustainability while raising awareness of the urgent issue of climate change in Asia and beyond. To learn more,

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