Plastic Offset (Thailand)

Plastic Offset (Thailand)

Over a century ago, the story of plastic began with the invention of ‘Bakelite’ in 1907, a lightweight and durable material that soon turned into an environmental crisis. Today, our oceans are burdened with over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste.

Surprisingly, plastic production has surged, surpassing historical records. In 2021 alone, over 380 million tons of virgin plastic were produced globally, expected to double to nearly 756 million tons annually by 2050.

While the plastic issue is global, its impact is felt locally, especially in developing nations where heaps of plastic waste are burned or dumped every 30 seconds, wreaking havoc on marine life.

To combat the plastic problem, reducing our plastic footprint is paramount. However, merely preventing plastic from entering the environment isn’t enough. We must also tackle the existing plastic already polluting our surroundings.

Here’s where you can make a difference. By supporting plastic recovery and recycling efforts in high-impact coastal and island communities, you can offset your plastic footprint. For every kilogram of plastic waste you generate, an equivalent amount will be recovered and recycled from our oceans, contributing to cleaner oceans and a healthier planet. Together, let’s restore the beauty of our seas and safeguard marine life.

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