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Business growth and Environmental Impact

Our suite of comprehensive tools, services, and reporting enables businesses of all sizes to educate consumers about the environmental impact of their actions and provide constructive solutions to make a difference.

Why Work With Us

Our Carbon Calculator

Helps you be more transparent, lift conversion & build trust with your eCommerce customers

Support High-Quality Projects

We connect customers, brands, and businesses with audited, high-quality carbon offsetting and environment-positive projects.

Our Ambition is Global

We believe local action makes a global impact. Based in Singapore, South Asia is our initial focus. Our expertise and tools allow us to support businesses and customers almost anywhere on earth.


Increase Conversion

Our carbon calculation solution is evident to consumers right where they add the product to their cart, instead of just in the checkout.

Bring Transparency To Your Business

Our reporting and auditing builds trust with your customers and stakeholders to accurately represent both the environmental impact of your business and the action being taken.

Lift Brand Perception

Consumers are attracted to businesses that support causes they believe in. By working with us you are clearly indicating your company’s commitment to action

Ecommerce Platforms

About Us

The Company

Carbon Balance Pte. Ltd. is a sustainability platform based in Singapore providing a calculator API to measure the GHG footprint of ecommerce transactions and an Integration Plugin for popular ecommerce enablers such as WooCommerce, EasyStore, Shopify with flexible options to offset footprint by contributing to trustworthy projects. Read more…


Your Support Makes Changes Happen
We work with world leader providers to support gold standard, audited projects that are close to the end users’ country to compensate for the carbon generated by merchants using the Carbon Balance platform

Bhadla Solar

India – Solar
To replace thermal and fossil fuel-based energy, this project installs a 70 MW solar power facility in Bhadla village to harness Rajasthan’s famous sunshine. It reduces the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, instead exporting clean and renewable energy to the Indian national grid. In doing so, this project will work towards India’s national progressive energy target of reaching 100GW of solar energy capacity by 2022.

Musi River Hydro

Indonesia – Hydro
This grid-connected, run-of-river hydroelectricity plant is built on the upper banks of the Musi River near Sumatra’s port city of Bengkulu. By harnessing the kinetic energy of powerful running water, the Musi River Hydro plant has a total-installed capacity of 210 MW and delivers over 765,000 MWh to Sumatra’s grid every year – that’s enough to meet the demands of over 700,000 Indonesians on average each year!

Vietstar Waste Treatment

Vietnam – Alternative treatment
This innovative project aims to address the environmental impact of municipal landfills by pre-sorting and classifying solid waste, recycling plastic and then treating remaining organic matter with advanced composting technology. To drive circularity the final product of organic compost is then sold as high-quality bio-fertilizer. The facility treats 432,000 tons of solid waste per year, daily that’s around 1,200 tons.


Homam Alghorani

13+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, product manager, Full-Stack developer, SEO, SaaS, and digital marketing.

Vikash Bengani

25+ years of experience in finance, operations, capital markets, analytics, business development, start-ups, and ASEAN.

James Connell

28+ years of experience in e-commerce, retail, digital transformation, customer experience, and digital marketing.

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