How Carbon Balance Works

How Carbon Balance Works

By following these steps, Carbon Balance empowers brands and consumers to actively participate in environmental conservation and sustainability efforts while providing transparency and accountability in the process.

1. Installation:

Brands install the Carbon Balance App in their Shopify or WooCommerce ecommerce store in less than 10 minutes.

2. Account Creation:

After installation, brands create their Carbon Balance account to track activity and fund the projects being supported. Upon creation of the account 1,000kgs of Carbon Offsets will be provided for free. Brands are encouraged to deposit additional funds into the account to fund future activity.

3. Certificate Issuance:

Carbon Balance sends a certificate recognizing the amount of carbon offsets and ocean plastic removal credits that have been applied to their account.

4. Consumer Awareness:

At the checkout stage, consumers are presented with the estimated carbon load of their purchase and the opportunity to offset the impact.

5. Merchant Contribution:

Merchants can alternatively voluntarily contribute to offset all purchases on behalf of their customers to clearly indicate their support of climate change prevention.

6. Contribution Collection:

The value of the contribution is added to the customer order to ensure the customer understands the financial impact of their decision. If the offset is being funded by the customer the customer is charged for the cost.

7. Deduction:

The contributions made by consumers are automatically deducted from the brand’s Carbon Balance account.

8. Green Project Investments:

Carbon Balance allocates 70-80% of the contribution value to a diverse portfolio of high-impact climate-positive projects. The portfolio may change over time, but best efforts are made to ensure projects impact the merchant’s home country.

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