Bhadla Solar (India)

Bhadla Solar (India)

The project involves harnessing renewable solar energy to generate electricity, which is then exported to the regional grid system under the INDIAN electricity grid of India. This initiative significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, estimated at approximately 694,471 tCO2e per year, while replacing 732,874 MWh/year of conventional electricity with renewable energy. By diversifying the power plant mix connected to the INDIAN GRID, which is predominantly dominated by fossil-fuel based power plants, the project contributes to a more sustainable energy landscape.

PROJECT IMPACTS AND BENEFITS: During the current monitoring period, SB Energy has conducted 27 training sessions to empower and educate the community:

  • Awareness training on Tobacco Day, aimed at increasing understanding of tobacco’s impact on cardiovascular health and promoting feasible actions to reduce risks to heart health posed by tobacco use. “Cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including stroke, are the world’s leading causes of death, and tobacco use is the second leading cause of CVDs.”
  • Firefighting Drill Training, which involved reviewing the organization’s emergency preparedness plan and evaluating standard operating procedures to ensure effective response during emergencies and safeguarding lives and property.
  • Medical camps that encouraged the use of nutritious food products in the area, with a focus on improving the nutritional status of the population, particularly targeted families. The approach aimed to create awareness and promote the consumption of nutritionally rich fruits, vegetables, and ingredients, thereby enhancing dietary variety and nutritional quality.
  • The project also contributed to the creation of 10 employment opportunities, fostering economic growth and development in the community.
  • Additionally, Soft Bank installed street lights in the vicinity, contributing to road safety and enhancing the well-being of the local community.

The project’s multifaceted impacts and benefits underscore its commitment to sustainability, community empowerment, and positive environmental contributions.

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