CarbonCure (United States)

The CarbonCure project, led by CarbonCure Technologies, transforms waste CO2 into a valuable resource for concrete production. This initiative, which runs from November 6, 2018, to November 5, 2025, is set to reduce emissions by over 366,000 tCO2e during its seven-year lifetime, with the potential for two renewals over 21 years.

Concrete production is a major contributor to global emissions, responsible for 4-8% of worldwide emissions. CarbonCure’s approach involves retrofitting existing concrete facilities to inject waste CO2 into the production process. This not only sequesters CO2 permanently but also enhances concrete performance, reducing the need for carbon-intensive cement. CarbonCure’s technology cuts CO2 emissions by 15 kilograms per cubic meter of concrete and is ASTM certified.

CarbonCure Technologies is committed to reducing 500 million tCO2e of emissions by 2030 through innovative solutions like carbon utilization in concrete production. Their suite of technologies, including CarbonCure Reclaimed Water Technology, aims to minimize the carbon footprint and promote sustainability in the construction industry.

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