Carbon Balance for WooCommerce Plugin

Carbon Balance for WooCommerce

Carbon Balance for WooCommerce

Easily impress and empower your customers by offering climate-neutral orders with the Carbon Balance WordPress WooCommerce Plugin on your website in less than 15 minutes. When you partner with Carbon Balance, you get access to tools and services that you and your customers will love for their ease of use and transparency.

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Go live today with our solution on your WooCommerce store, and we will offset up to 1,000kg of carbon for free as part of our commitment to creating a cleaner environment for us all.


Increase Conversion

Customers are attracted to purpose-driven organizations that are committed to making a difference. Promoting your partnership with Carbon Balance will help give you a competitive advantage, build a stronger bond with your customers, and, as a result, lift sales.

Transparency in Business

Our reporting and auditing build trust with your customers and stakeholders to accurately represent both the environmental impact of your business and the action being taken.

Lift Brand Perception

Consumers are attracted to businesses that support causes they believe in. Working with Carbon Balance, you are indicating that you care about the environment and are taking action to make a difference.


Easy Integration

Any business user can enable our calculators and widgets in less than 15 minutes, getting you up and running quickly.

High Quality Projects

We only work with high-quality projects that have been inspected and certified.  Your customers will often be able to support projects close to them. We believe that small steps taken locally make a huge difference.


Our plugin estimates the carbon footprint for your products and the shipping of your orders.  Your customers will now be able to understand the carbon load to a level they have never seen before on your website.

Operate Internationally

Our multi-currency support makes local market calculation easy for both you and your customer. We also calculate the carbon footprint of shipping globally, either by calculation or accurate estimated averages for maximum impact.

Flexibility to Meet Your Business Needs

We know every business is different, so we offer other implementation options. You can offset all your transactions for your customers to add an additional incentive to make a purchase, or you can allow customers to purchase carbon offsets with their orders.

A/B Testing

We believe offering more environmentally sustainable options is the right thing to do for the planet, and we also believe it will make a difference to your business. To ensure we are right, our A/B testing module lets the numbers speak for themselves.

How Carbon Balance Can help me

We believe that access to industry-leading tools, reporting and services should not be limited to big business. Our reporting, online tools and reporting are broad enough to serve your ecommerce business if you help millions of customers a year or just one.

Our solution is easily implemented without extensive technical expertise. It is visible throughout the complete online customer journey to help increase conversion, trust and retention.

We understand our solutions do not completely eliminate the negative impact of human consumption, but supporting our audited and verified projects allows consumers to take action and makes a meaningful difference in local communities and the environment.

Time is limited before irreversible damage is done to the planet. Join us as a partner to reduce our environmental impact and create measurable change.

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Go live today with our solution on your WooCommerce store, and we will offset up to 1,000kg of carbon for free as part of our commitment to creating a cleaner environment for us all. Follow the easy installation instructions to get started today.


Bhadla Solar

India – Solar
To replace thermal and fossil fuel-based energy, this project installs a 70 MW solar power facility in Bhadla village to harness Rajasthan’s famous sunshine. It reduces the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, instead exporting clean and renewable energy to the Indian national grid. In doing so, this project will work towards India’s national progressive energy target of reaching 100GW of solar energy capacity by 2022.

Rimba Raya Biodiversity

Indonesia– REDD+
The Rimba Raya project is a REDD+ program aimed at reducing emissions and preserving the environment, which includes the world’s largest privately funded sanctuary for orangutans in collaboration with the Orangutan Foundation International.
Located in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, the project covers 64,977 hectares of peatland. Its aim is to reduce emissions by over 104,000,000 tCO2e during a 30-year period spanning from July 1st, 2009 to June 30th, 2039.

Improved Cook Stove

Nepal – ICS
The Nepalese communities in the project use traditional cookstoves with 10% efficiency. The distributed improved cookstoves are two models of single-pot rocket stoves, HPNJE-01ND and Greenway Jumbo, with 30.29% and 29.79% efficiency respectively. VNV Advisory Services has been driving carbon reduction initiatives since 2010, impacting over 6 million rural households in South Asia through various programs, including sustainable agriculture and clean cooking devices.

Plastic Offset

Thailand – Ocean Plastic Recycle
Despite what many people believe, the production of virgin plastic has actually increased to an all-time high. In 2021, the global production of virgin plastic surpassed 380 million tons, which is over double the amount produced 20 years prior, when it was just 200 million tons.
The project goal is to recover and recycle ocean plastic in all islands and coastal areas of Thailand.


Have any questions? We are always open to discussing your business, new projects, creative opportunities, and how we can help you.

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