Improved Cook Stove (Nepal)

Improved Cook Stove (Nepal)

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The Improved Cook Stove Market Development in Rural Nepal initiative has successfully distributed and installed 15,292 fuel-efficient cookstoves in 11 rural districts. These improved cookstoves replace traditional, low-efficiency ones, leading to substantial reductions in carbon emissions. Over a 10-year period, from November 1, 2018, to October 31, 2028, the project is estimated to reduce a total of 319,830 tCO2e. The traditional cookstoves used in Nepalese households involved in the project have an efficiency of merely 10%. In contrast, the distributed improved cookstoves, namely HPNJE-01ND and Greenway Jumbo models, boast significantly higher efficiencies of 30.29% and 29.79%, respectively. This upgrade not only reduces firewood consumption but also minimizes emissions during cooking and water heating tasks. Given that over 88% of households in the project districts rely on firewood for cooking and heating, this change plays a crucial role in conserving the existing forest stocks. Beyond the environmental benefits, the project has a positive impact on the health and well-being of local communities. With the complete reduction of indoor smoke pollution, the improved cookstoves significantly enhance indoor air quality, leading to a reduced incidence of respiratory diseases among residents. VNV Advisory Services, the project proponent, has a commendable track record in developing and implementing community-led carbon reduction programs since 2010. Their dedication to clean cooking devices, sustainable agriculture, and other impactful projects has positively impacted over 6 million rural households across South Asia. Through their efforts, VNV Advisory Services continues to create meaningful change and foster sustainable practices in the region.

Project Details

Project Code VCS-2357

Developer Value Network Ventures Advisory Services Pte. Ltd.

Type ICS

Location Nepal

Standards & Methodology AMS-II.G

Avg. Annual Emission Reduction: 44,763

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