Carbon Balance, A New Resource For eCommerce Businesses To Participate In Environmental Sustainability Has Launched

The pre-seed funded, Singapore-based technology company aims to assist eCommerce businesses in Southeast Asia to educate consumers and support positive environmental change.

SINGAPORE, February 9, 2023 – Carbon Balance Pte. Ltd., a climate-tech start-up headquartered in Singapore, announced that it commenced operations in January 2023. The company is focused on aiding eCommerce companies in Southeast Asia and beyond, leveraging technology to achieve a harmonious balance between business growth and sustainability while raising awareness of the urgent issue of climate change

Founded by Homam Alghorani, Chief Executive Officer, Vikash Bengani, Chief Financial Officer, and James Connell, Chief Marketing Officer, who have a combined total of over 65 years of experience in driving innovation, leading change, building revenue across the areas of technology, ecommerce, start-ups, digital marketing, finance, sustainability and operations. Carbon Balance accelerates the adoption of environmentally positive solutions and software in businesses that may not have the operational or technical expertise in-house to do so.

Homam Alghorani, Co-founder and CEO
Homam Alghorani, Co-founder and CEO

“We are very proud to announce that Carbon Balance is backed by Antler, a global early-stage VC that helps entrepreneurs launch their business ideas and make them a reality,” said Homam Alghorani, CEO of Carbon Balance. “In March, we expect to launch our beta program with our first client, which will see us progress toward our goal of becoming the leading global provider of technology solutions that enable businesses to operate more sustainably and responsibly to ensure the environment is protected for future generations.” 

Vikash Bengani, Cofounder and CFO
Vikash Bengani, Co-founder and CFO

“Unlike many competitive solutions, the Carbon Balance the platform easily integrates into multiple steps along the ecommerce customer’s path-to-buy, supports environmental projects in the same country closer to where the consumer lives and provides a comprehensive set of reporting to give merchants additional transparency available to the impact of merchant and consumer contributions,” said Vikash Bengani, CFO. 

James Connel, Co-founder and CMO
James Connell, Co-founder and CMO

“Initially available to merchants operating on WooCommerce, over the following few months, the solution will be available on Shopify, Magento, Squarespace, Easystore and other industry-leading platforms in the following five months,” said James Connell, CMO. “Additional integrations into social media to communicate customer participation are intended to assist merchants with customer acquisition and marketing, while regular reporting will assist with ESG reporting.”

Carbon Balance exists to help develop solutions to lessen the impact of business on the environment and educate consumers about the effect of their actions. At the same time, we all work to find the perfect long-term solution together to become carbon neutral. 

About Carbon Balance

Carbon Balance is an early-stage start-up venture headquartered in Singapore that has a mission to leverage technology to achieve a harmonious balance between business growth and sustainability while raising awareness of the urgent issue of climate change. To learn more:

For further information: 

MEDIA CONTACT: James Connell (james@carbonbalance) or Vikash Bengani ( on +65 85227725 

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